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operation playhouse contest

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host Operation Playhouse events. Look for our Operation Playhouse contest to resume in 2022.

In calendar year 2019, there were many spectacular playhouses that were built as part of our Operation Playhouse program. Our staff and volunteers were so impressed by all of the builds, but the partners below went above and beyond planning in advance, and then executing, their playhouse design.

The votes have been counted!
1st place: Clarke & Frost Insurance Agency Log Cabin Playhouse

2nd place: MetroWest Medical Center New England Patriots Playhouse 
3rd place: Hopjump Cozy Cottage
4th place: Homefield Credit Union American Flag-Patriotic
5th place: Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) Log Cabin 

*Voting was open from Monday, January 13th at 10am and closed on Thursday, January 16th at 4pm. Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2019 Operation Playhouse contest! Stay tuned to the 1st - 5th place winners announcement.


Clarke & Frost Insurance Agency

Themed Playhouse: Log Cabin

Here are some highlights of Clarke & Frost’s Log Cabin playhouse:

  1. White stripes were painted on the brown background to give the illusion of the walls being constructed by logs. A rustic sign was made with the children’s names that fit perfectly with the theme. A wood sign with the family’s last name hung from the door.
  2. Custom built shutters were created, and greenery was strategically placed to give the illusion of being in a log cabin deep in the woods.
  3. A log fence greeted the children as they made their way into the playhouse.
  4. Other goodies included: sleeping bags, a fire pit complete with tissue paper to simulate a real fire, Adirondack chairs, wilderness equipment ranging from binoculars to fishing nets, a realistic fireplace with a mantle, bear/wilderness clock, and a little bundle of logs right in front of the fireplace, camouflage curtains, a table and bench, wilderness stuffed animals, a flannel bear blanket, and many other little wilderness details to ensure that the family felt right at home in this playhouse.

Homefield Credit Union

Themed Playhouse: American Flag- Patriotic

Homefield Credit Union built an American Flag/Patriotic playhouse for a veteran family, but they went an extra step and asked for family interests.  The answer was sports - especially the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots!  A very special multi themed playhouse was created:

  1. The team installed a cedar shingle roof that was painted to resemble an American Flag to honor the American Flag theme.
  2. Outside walls were painted Fenway Green, and the inside Patriots blue.
  3. Here are a few of the custom details added: Super Bowl Championship Banners, a baseball bat door handle, a replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, a football field floor mat, and tailgating chairs.
  4. The playhouse was disguised with a red, white and blue covering. Once the covering was removed, it resulted in a very special surprise for the children as they discovered their one of a kind playhouse!


Themed Playhouse: Cozy Cottage

Hopjump built their playhouse in November and because the holidays were rapidly approaching, they wanted to be sure to add special details for Christmas - the holiday that this family celebrates!

  1. Holiday pine greenery was added to the playhouse in the form of a wreath on the door and flower boxes on the front wall. The greenery also had beautiful ornaments affixed that matched the cozy cottage color scheme.
  2. Several add-ons included: window curtains, hand painted grass around the bottom edge of the walls, each flower box was personalized with the children’s names, Adirondack chairs were painted green to match the playhouse trim and blue bows were tied around each chair matching the wall color.
  3. Christmas lights were outside and inside, a string of donut unicorns was attached to the front, a kitchen and playset was inside, the Candy Land game, a toy smoothie maker/blender set, toy piano, and several other very special toys also surrounded the playhouse.

MetroWest Medical Center

Themed Playhouse: New England Patriots

MetroWest Medical Center built a New England Patriots themed playhouse for a veteran family.

  1. New England Patriots details were hand drawn on the playhouse, including: stars, jerseys, football, helmet, Patriots logo, field goal posts, and a season stats board!
  2. Several other Patriots add-ons included: Pillow pets, pennant banner, door mat, giant flag, turf field mat, and an inflatable Patriots player.
  3. The New England Patriots themed playhouse was finished with tailgating essentials, including chairs and New England Patriots T-shirts!
  4. The family’s favorite players’ shirts were included in the playhouse!

Security Engineered Machinery (SEM)

Themed Playhouse: Log Cabin

Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) built a Log cabin themed playhouse.

  1. SEM asked for the exact playhouse measurements so they could build a custom detachable wood floor and front porch complete with hand railings.
  2. SEM volunteers installed cedar shingles on the roof to give the log cabin a rustic feel.
  3. Other goodies included: Adirondack chair that matched the front porch, a small fireplace, Lincoln logs, sleeping bag, a faux bear throw rug, mounted toy stuffed deer head, welcome door mat, a Curious George Goes Camping book, and a bucket of wilderness toys.
  4. Affixed to the playhouse: a wilderness windchime, carved wooden sign with the child’s name on it, an American flag, and a United Stated Marine Corp Flag, the branch of military service the parent serves.

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