33-39 Main St, Northborough

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The Build:

The existing two buildings, 33/35 and 37/39 Main Street, now house 6 rental units which will be converted to 4 owner-occupied condo units. The building at 33/35 Main Street will contain two condos, each with two bedrooms and one bath, and the bottom unit being handicap accessible. The building at 37/39 Main Street will be converted into two larger condos, one with three bedrooms, and the other with five bedrooms. Each unit will have two bathrooms. The units will be structured as a first floor and second floor home and will be handicap accessible as well on the first floor unit.

The street-facing exteriors of the buildings—one of which dates to 1800 – will be maintained even as the buildings are brought up to current code and lead paint is removed. Both buildings will be built with modern, community fit materials as well as including energy efficient features with an Energy Star Plus rating.

Ground was broken for this project on Monday, November 21 officially marking the start of this home build project! For gifts-in-kind donations, sponsorships, information about build days, or to join our local project committee that supports the Northborough build, please contact our Vice President of Philanthropy, Deborah Huegel at Deborah.Huegel@habitatmwgw.org or 508-799- 9259 x 118.

A Piece of History:

This build was at one time the Gale General Store in the 1800s. Many historical documents have been unearthed, and given to the Northborough Historical Society, including an old ledger from the store. A box of raisins cost 12 cents! Cyrus Gale Jr. was a prominent leader in Northborough. You can read more about him here – he’s #6 on the list. Mr. Gale even built the Library located across the street from the build site. We love being a part of history, and with Mr. Gale’s love of philanthropy, we like to imagine he would have thought highly of our plan to provide four local families with affordable homes. Pictured above is a drawing of the original larger building as Gale General Store.

Local Project Committee:

The Northborough Project is being represented by a Local Project Committee, or LPC. The LPC role recognizes that community-based involvement is essential to the project’s success. LPC members establish and foster partnerships at the community level to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. The LPC serves in leading public awareness and communication efforts, recruiting volunteers, fundraising, and securing in-kind donations. The Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester staff and board of directors support the LPC throughout the home-building process. To become involved with the Northborough LPC please contact our Vice President of Philanthropy, Deborah Huegel at Deborah.Huegel@habitatmwgw.org or 508-799- 9259 x 118.


Individuals and businesses can make a huge impact on the construction of our homes through the donations of goods and services.  Building materials needed include: lumber, sheetrock, insulation, windows, doors, cabinets, roofing, carpeting, paint, electrical, plumbing, driveway, foundation, landscaping, and more.  Professional skills in areas such as excavation, electrical, plumbing, and construction can also make a great impact. Contact our Vice President of Philanthropy, Deborah Huegel at Deborah.Huegel@habitatmwgw.org or 508-799- 9259 x 118.

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Home Build Sponsorships are available for those organizations who are interested in serving as a leader and an example for other organizations that wish to make a difference in the community. Home Build Sponsorships start at a minimum of $2500. Please consider joining our Home Build Sponsors below to make the dream of a home a reality for four new Habitat homeowners.


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