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Your generous support helps families move into safe, decent, affordable homes where they will build a better life. There is still an urgent need for affordable housing. Give a gift today to ensure that more families will be able to know the happiness and security that comes from owning a home.

Through Shelter We Empower

           Gina’s hopes and dreams…

“My dreams for the future, my hope for the future: never have to move again! Everyone wants only the best for their children, and I am no different. I want to see my daughter happy. She smiles most of the time now.  Tara actually hangs out in the living room since we moved into our home. It’s really a small miracle.

My hope is to have holidays. I want to have people come over for dinner, and run around like a nut just to get ready for entertaining. I want my daughter to invite her friends over. She didn’t want anyone to see the old place. I’ve been introduced to at least 4 friends just in the last three months.

I want to see my neighborhood turn into a mini Habitat for Humanity city. I can walk to my new neighbors Lyndsay and Steven’s house, also Habitat homeowners, and hopefully in the near future be able to walk to and volunteer at other Habitat sites.  I will see my daughter graduate from high school this year, and later college from this house.

Our new home is beautiful, but what is more beautiful is all those people that gave up endless time, money, and talent to put me and my daughter in this house.”
Gina Romano, 2017 Habitat Homeowner

A Letter from the Executive Director and Board President:

Dear Friends and Family,

We’ve seen far too many tragic headlines in the news this year about natural disasters that have left children and families homeless.  Yet some families live day to day – week to week –  month to month – year to year – with no home due to circumstances beyond their control.  Maybe they’ve experienced a setback, or perhaps they will never earn enough to own a home of their own. 

Home is where we feel safe and warm and protected.  It’s where most of us learned to laugh and love and find acceptance.  A home is hallowed ground.  But some families don’t have that special, safe and decent spot to call home.  That’s why we ask for your support.  With your help, we give local families a hand up.  An affordable home allows families to have money left over to pay for food, medicine, clothing, and to save for their children’s education.  That same home builds strength, stability and self-reliance. 

In the past year, we have dedicated four homes throughout MetroWest and Greater Worcester for local families and Veterans.  And we currently are at work on five more affordable homes to benefit local families.  We not only build homes, but we strengthen the communities that surround those homes – communities you and I live in. 

 Journeys to Homeownership

  • One of our partner families was homeless for over a year before moving with her two young sons into an affordable and safe home in Holliston. 
  • Still another family was able to leave behind a distressed area of Boston for life in the beautiful town of Wayland.  
  • A single Mom and her daughter were able to move out of a cramped apartment in an unsafe neighborhood to a decent new home in a revitalized Worcester community.  Read more about Gina’s hopes and dreams above.

We know that when you invest in our mission to build homes, community and hope, you can be sure that local children, families, single moms, and veterans get the helping hand they deserve. 

A decent home is a solid foundation for a family, providing the strength, stability and independence to create a better life for themselves.  And we want to give more local families that solid foundation.  That’s why we are asking for your help.

Thank you for living generously.  You are truly making a difference in the lives of our partner families.  We ask for your continued support until every man, woman and child has a decent and affordable place to call home.  Through shelter, we empower.  Please give today!

Blessings from our home to yours,

Tim Firment                                     Bryan Clancy
Executive Director                          Board President


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