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Applications Available for Veterans!

We are looking for a Veteran Family for our Kendig Street property in Worcester! If you or someone you know is a Veteran looking for safe, decent, affordable housing please contact us today to learn more at 508 – 799 – 9259 or email Our office is also open 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday, we are located at 11 Distributor Road, Worcester, MA 01605.

APPS AVAILABLE Vet Build Family Selection Advertise- Kendig St

A Very Habitat Vacation

Thank you Trivent Financial for providing our Executive Director, Tim Firment, with the opportunity to serve as a group leader in Costa Rica. Our international builds are a crucial part to our mission of building homes, communities, and hope. We extend our resources to developing countries to help them help themselves. Our international builds cost a fraction of what our local builds cost, allowing us to help others while continuing to help our neighbors here at home. As our 34th international build in 30 years, this is a huge milestone adding to our 45 local homes, totaling 79 homes built and families living in stability the world over.

Tim was one of many on this trip whose goal was to provide safe, decent, and affordable homes to our international partners in Costa Rica.

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission, at home and abroad!

Worcester Academy Passes the Aetna Street Key

Worcester Academy and SignWorcester Academy Key






       It was a cold day near Worcester Academy on Monday, March 2, 2015, but that didn’t cool down the warm feeling Ron Cino, the Head of Worcester Academy, and the Worcester Academy Habitat Club had as they passed the key for 21 Aetna Street over to our Executive Director, Tim Firment. City Manager, Ed Augustus, and the Chief Development Officer, Mike Traynor, were also present as part of their involvement with the project. The City of Worcester’s Community Block Grant was awarded to Habitat for Humanity to complete a neighborhood revitalization in the area.

Thank You to our generous partners for coming together to build homes, communities, and hope in the heart of the Commonwealth.

Aetna Street in Snow

Our 21 Aetna Street house, located just outside Worcester Academy.

Plans are to demolish the current structure and build a two family home on the lot.