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Sotheby Realty Playhouse Build

Thank you Sotheby Realty!!

Trash Wizard and Vision Landscaping clean up in Brimfield!

Thank you Vision Landscaping and Trash Wizard! Throughout the summer and fall Habitat for Humanity, along with our dedicated volunteers has been working on a Critical Home Repair for a war veteran in Brimfield, MA. With the assistance of the homeowners, Bill and Susan, we were able to install new siding and trim, build a staircase and landing to increase accessibility into the home, completed necessary landscaping, and replaced the pre-existing roof. With the completion of this project, this family will be able to live more comfortably and safely in their home and will also be able to obtain a more affordable home insurance policy as a result of the repairs and improvements.

Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester Veterans Build program is an outreach initiative that provides a wide range of opportunities for veterans and military families. Critical Home Repair is part of our Veteran Build Initiative which addresses the needs of veteran homeowners with interior and exterior home repairs to address health, life and safety/code issues.

Trash Wizard and Vision Landscaping have done an amazing job helping out Habitat for Humanity in completing critical repairs for Bill and Susan’s home. Vision Landscaping donated a full day of  landscaping to this project, including removing large trees and overgrown bushes.  They also spruced up the gardens, took out some thorn bushes, and removed the leaves from the whole lot. Trash Wizard did an incredible job helping Bill to get his basement cleared out and cleaned up. There was an estimated  10,000 lbs (five tons!) of debris and clutter that had been removed, thank you Trash Wizard!

For more information regarding Critical Home Repairs, or any of our other Veteran Build Projects visit our Veteran’s Build Page.

Thank you!

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Thank You Veterans!

Thank You Veterans!

UNUM employees built 4 playhouses to benefit veteran families as part of our Project Playhouse Initiative.  The playhouse built and dedicated in UNUM’s Worcester office was the first to receive a solar panel from Canadian Solar, through our partnership with New England Clean Energy. The solar panel will power a bulb inside the house that can be detached and used as a flashlight. Three playhouses were also built at UNUMs’ Portland, Maine office with UNUM Veteran employees. Working with and for veterans to complete this project was humbling, and resulted in great success.

The men and women who participated in these builds exhibited selflessness and dedication to others. Thank You Veterans for displaying Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all you do, for being always ready, always faithful, and for your honor, courage, commitment. This we’ll defend. We salute you.

Watch the Worcester Dedication on the news HERE!



UNUMPUNUMP Final Product

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