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The 5 Most Heartwarming Quotes from Habitat Families

In recognition of our selection of 4 new families for Wayland, we are looking back at the 5 most heartwarming Habitat family quotes from our affiliate.D21_0144-700[1]

  1. “I just want to give my children the world. There is so much love between the five of us. I believe that coming upon Habitat for Humanity was a miracle for us.”– Elaine Holley,  Worcester
  2. “It’s hard to even find the words to explain how I feel. This is so wonderful. My dream has come true! I am so grateful to Habitat for this experience. Our lives are going to change so much. We will have a safe place to live, and my daughter will finally have a yard to play in.” Michelle Simoneau,  Sudbury
  3.  “This house will mean that we have a place that is a constant, safe, loving, home environment. Just knowing that when we leave in the morning [for work and school], we will have a place to come home to. We will take care of it; it will be a source of nurturing and pride and we are going to love it and grow in it.” Meg Fotakis, Sudbury
  4. “Thank goodness for my Habitat Home. I’m almost positive that my situation would have been totally overwhelming without Habitat giving me the opportunity and security of affordable quality housing.  I never forget how fortunate I am and the difference Habitat has made in my life.” Brenda White, Northborough
  5. “Every time I look at the roof, I will remember the people who worked so hard to make it just right. I certainly won’t forget my own sore muscles and blisters. The house is alive. It is full of laughter, sweat ‘and a few unfortunate drops of blood’. God has whispered in my ear, it’s OK to unpack now, I’m finally home.”  Cindy Burns, Northborough


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